8801 N Indian Trail Road, Suite "G", Spokane, WA 99208 * 509.464.0110 * www.adelospizza.com
Summer Hours:
Sunday              11am to 9pm
Mon - Thus        11am to 10pm
Fri & Sat             11am to 11pm
We are now open for dine-in, carry-out, take-n-bake and delivery (limited area).  We have also expanded our
menu please look under the menu tab for everything we offer.

As you may know, Adelo’s Take-N-Bake Pizza is also well known for their freshly made Gluten-Free Pizza.  
Adelo’s is the only Spokane pizza restaurant accredited through the national Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).  
Adelo’s Pizza will continue to offer freshly made gluten-free crust and gluten-free toppings in an environment
that is safe from cross contamination.  

Come out and enjoy great food, cold beer or a glass of wine with your family and friends in this locally owned
and operated neighborhood restaurant.  Don’t be surprised if you see the owners nearly every day.

For more information follow us on Facebook, call (509)464-0110
Along with offering great pizza, we offer AWESOME Gluten-Free pizza! We are the only Spokane pizza
restaurant that has achieved accreditation through the National GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group).  

How does Adelo's protect against cross-contamination?
Adelo's has specific procedures in place to protect against cross-contamination.  We store our gluten-free
(GF) crusts in a separate cooler and sauce them using devoted spoodles and devoted sauce

Furthermore, we slap our regular pizzas in a GF flour mix so all the flour flying around in our store is actually

Additionally, our staff is trained to wash their hands regularly before handling GF pizza and to use special
care not to bring the GF crusts into contact with anything that might lead to cross-contamination.

How important is the Gluten Free Food Service Accreditation from the Gluten Intolerance Group?
The Gluten Free Food Service Accreditation from the Gluten Intolerance Group is very important because it
validates our efforts to maintain an environment free from cross-contamination and assures our valuable
gluten-free customers that we are a safe place to enjoy pizza.

What are the ingredients of Adelo's gluten-free pizza crust?
RicGarboanzo bean flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, white sorghum flour, fava bean flour, salt, sugar,
powdered milk, yeast, xanthan gum, oil, water (prepared around nuts and soy).

Are Adelo's toppings all gluten-free?
Most of Adelo's toppings are gluten-free.  We will inform you if you order Gluten-Free crust with a topping
that is not gluten free.  Or, feel free to ask any time.

Are Adelo's sauces all gluten-free?
Adelo's sauces are gluten-free with one exception.  Our Spicy Thai Peanut sauce DOES contain gluten and
therefore our Thai Peanut Chicken Pizza is not gluten-free unless it is made without the Spicy Thai sauce.

Are the salads at Adelo's gluten-free?
Yes, our salads are gluten-free. And yes, most of the dressings are gluten-free but not all.  We will show you
the list of ingredients of each dressing before you choose one upon request..  

Are there plans for more gluten-free products?
We now offer a wide selection of gluten free pasta dishes,